Text Prediction with Markov Chains in Haskell

Let’s work through a few prediction techniques that can give us text that resembles some source material.

C++ :: Mapping User Input to Actions

Writing programs to perform some tasks is useful but writing programs that respond to user input are infinitely more useful.

RESTFUL API Router using C++, Functional Programming, and CRTP

Introduction Originally, this blog post was going to be specifically about Curiously Recurring Template Patterns (CRTP) in C++ and give a concrete example of when to use it.

Functions as First Class Citizens in C++: Passing Lambdas or Functions to Function Templates

A Simple Case Let’s look at a case where we can change the way a Function Template behaves by passing it various Lambdas as arguments.

Git Time Keeper

Keeping track of time is important when programming. Git records the date and time of each commit you perform, but extracting the amount of time you spent on a commit or task is impossible.

Poor Man's Compiler Explorer

If you do any sort of C++ programming, you may know about Compiler Explorer.

Ephemeral LXC Swarm For Local Testing

So, you need to create a swarm of Linux Containers to test multiple clients but don’t want the containers to stick around when you’re finished.

SSH Chroot Using Firejail as Login Shell

Do you have a Linux server? Do users need SSH access to the server?

C++ STL Containers of Unique Pointers to Polymorphic Class Template

To those who have never seen polymorphism, this will look like black magic.

Filesystem Resilience with dm-crypt, BTRFS, and OverlayFS - Linux

This is a guide to gaining multiple levels of resilience for a filesystem through the combination of dm-crypt, BTRFS, and OverlayFS.