Whole Disk Encryption with One Command - Linux

Plain Mode cryptsetup --type=plain open /dev/sdX myCrypt It’s that simple! What we’ve done is create a device at /dev/mapper/myCrypt that we can now add a partition.

Particle Emitter with C++, SDL2, and OpenGL

This is a naive approach to creating a particle emitter with C++, SDL2, and OpenGL.

Compile and Link OpenGL Shader Language - GLSL

This is a header-only mini-library to compile simple OpenGL shaders and link them into shader programs.

Linux Apache Mysql Php in an Lxc Container

After fumbling around with Docker, and getting nowhere trying to use Apache in a container, I’ve decided to use a Linux Container (LXC) to setup a portable development environment.

AngularJS Band Name Generator

This is a band name generator designed to allow you to enter your own words into a pool of words to be selected at random for each name.

C/C++ Compiler Setup and Single Line Build and Run Command

The most common C/C++ compilers are the GCC and G++ compilers contained in the MinGW suite.

Simple Piano WebApp

I've created a simple piano program that you can play in your browser!

Perfect Pitch Game

Here is a game I created to test and develop your perfect pitch skill.

Random 32 Bar Chord Generator

I've created a practice tool that generates a 32 bar chart with random chords.